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Volkssport Incentive Program (VIP)

vipDo any 12 of our Year Round and Seasonal events, for credit, anytime in a calendar year and receive one (1) IVV achievement book of your choice.  There is no additional cost and anyone can participate in this program.

VIP books are free and are available at all club meetings, special weekend events and should be in all of our Start Point boxes.


To encourage participation in the year-round and seasonal events sponsored by the Madison Area Volkssport Association (Dairyland Walkers).


Any participant paying the applicable IVV fee for award & credit or credit only is eligible to participate in this incentive program.


Participants must complete any twelve (12) of the Dairyland Walkers sponsored year-round or seasonal events during the calendar year. The program may be completed twice during the calendar year. However, the second time must be the 11 events not completed first time.


After paying the IVV fee and doing the event, stamp the VIP book, as well as your regular AVA/IVV event/distance books.  If your VIP book is not available at the time you complete the event, use an insert card and attach it to the book later.


Upon completion of the criteria you will receive one (1) IVV Achievement Book of your choice for each VIP book completed.  Follow instructions on back of book.