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IVV Record Book Guidelines

  1. Name & Address
    Make sure your name and current address are legible and are on all IVV Record Books. The award system is set up for individual achievement, therefore, only one name can be on a IVV Record Book. IVV rules do not allow awards for pets.
  2. AVA Registration Number
    This is the number on the front of your IVV Record of Achievement Book. This is a book that contains a cumulative record of your achievements (both Events and Distance.) This book will be given to you after you have completed your first milestone. Ten events or 500 kilometers of distance. Write this number on all IVV Record Books. Leave blank on your very first IVV Record Book, as you will not know what it will be.
  3. IVV Event Certification Stamps
    Only IVV Event Certification Stamp impressions can be placed in an IVV Record Book. Do not paste, hand write (unless approved by AVA Headquarters), attach papers (except official insert cards) into IVV Record Books. You may White-out or cross out erroneous or duplicate entries. IVV Event Certification Stamps may only be recorded at the actual event and then only after paying the required fee. Stamps may not be entered prior to the event or after it has taken place (unless the stamp did not make it to the event on time). Remember to check your IVV Record Books before you leave the finish table.
  4. IVV Event Record Book Recording
    You may place one (1) impression of the IVV Event Certification Stamp in your IVV Event Record Book each time you complete the distance for that event. You may make only one (1) impression per day.Under the “Event #” column, you need to keep a running count of the number of events you completed. Continue with the next number as you start your next book.
  5. IVV Distance Record Book Recording
    a. You can make multiple impressions of the Certification Stamp in your IVV Distance Record Books for the same event.
    b. No swim event can be entered into a distance book.
    c. Bike event distances can be entered into either a Bicycle Distance Book or the regular walking distance book. Once entered into a Bicycle Distance Book, you can not transfer the distance to the walking distance book, nor vise-versa.
    d. Under the “KM” column; if you completed the event, enter the number the kilometers designated for the event. If you did less than the full route, then enter the number of kilometers actually completed. Always enter a whole number. Do not enter 4.5, 6.8, etc.
  6. Insert Cards
    These cards were designed to be used as a supplemental stamp card to be inserted into a record book. They were created for participants that typically complete less than 10km, resulting in the need for more slots than are contained in a distance book. If you attend an event and do not have your IVV Record Books, you may use insert cards. Remember to get two (2) insert cards, one for event and one for distance. Insert cards must accompany a valid IVV Record Book to be accepted for achievement recognition.
  7. Submitting Completed Books
    What to send:
    1. Your completed IVV Record Book.
    2. Your IVV Record of Achievement Book. You no longer need to send in your previous book along with your just completed book. Play it safe, always make copies of your books before mailing them to AVA, just in case they get lost.

A Guide to Event and Distance Books

Event Books
Green Book Used to record events 1 through 50.
1st level 10 events, 2nd level 30 events,  3rd level 50 events.
Purple Book This book has space to record 25 events and is used for recording event number 51 through 600.
Rose Book This book has space to record 50 events and is used for recording event number 601 through 1,500.
Gold Book This book has space to record 100 events and is the highest event book.  Used after completion of 1,500 events.
Distance Books
Blue Book This book has space to hold 500km (50, 10km events) and is used at increments of 500km through 8,000km. All spaces in the book do not need to be used.  Only those needed to bring the total to 500km.  Any distance more than 500km is carried over to the next distance book.  Persons that walk shorter distances may need to use insert cards to complete 500km.  Insert cards are usually available at the starting point for the event.
Orange Book This book has space for 1,000km and is used at increments of 1,000km from 8,000km through 22,000km.
Yellow Book This book has space for 5,000km and is used at increments of 5,000km from 22,000km.  This is the highest distance book.
Brown Book Used for recording distance for bicycle events only.  This book has space for 5,000km.  Bike achievement levels are 1000km, 2500km, 5000km, 7500km, 10,000km and then 5000km increments after 10,000km.