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Volunteer Info

Dairyland Walkers Club is an all volunteer organization.  There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes to make the club function for everyone.  Everyone’s input and help is greatly appreciated!  For example, there are many opportunities to get involved from becoming an officer, board member, walk box coordinator, or helping with one of the single event walks. Volunteer opportunities are announced in newsletters and club e-mails.  Below are some of the often needed tasks that need to be accomplished by volunteers:

Registration Table Volunteer

Help walkers complete their registrations, obtain maps and stamp their books at one of our Event Walks.  Working  a two hour shift at the table will still allow you time to  complete the walk.

Event Walk Preparation

Help place signs and markers for our event walks usually early in the morning before the walk begins.  If you are an early bird this is a great opportunity for you to walk and help the club!  The coordinator for the event will have a map for you with the locations where the signs and markers need to be placed.

Event Walk Clean-Up

Help pick-up signs and markers after the Event Walk is completed.  The coordinator for the walk will have a map for you with the locations of the signs and markers.

Snacks for Event Walks and Meetings

Bring cookies or snacks for walkers when they complete the walk or at our meetings!  We have the best cookies and bars ever!

Locate a Speaker for Club Meetings

Do you know people who may be willing to talk to us at one of our meetings about any topics of interest to club members?   We are all interested in health, fitness, environmental issues, etc.  This can be a one-time volunteer opportunity or a recurring opportunity.

If you can help please contact the Volunteer Coordinator